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Barrow Tanks

Barrow Tanks are three Bristol Water reservoirs to the southwest of Bristol on the A38. They're also known as Barrow reservoirs, the Barrows, or just the tanks. Due to the close proximity of the famous trout fishing on Chew and Blagdon reservoirs, they don't often get a mention, but regulars on those two waters will be familiar with them, and many will have gained their first taste of trout flyfishing there. The Barrows are a lot smaller than their illustrious neighbours, the biggest, No.3, being only around 60 acres. No.2 is around 40 acres, and No.1 under 30 acres. Fishing is from the bank only, and as these are generally artificial, with gradients around 1:3, there's no need for wading -- in fact in most areas it's impossible, and against the rules, anyway.
Smaller fish are stocked than on the waters at Chew and Blagdon, but even so, once the season's under way the fish soon put on weight. The regular Bristol Water stocking policy of recent years also means fresh fish are going in every few weeks, and again as the year progresses the size of those stockfish increases due to them having had longer to grow in the stockponds. Barrow fish are generally between one and two pounds, compared to two to three pounds on Blagdon, for example. To reflect this ticket prices are less expensive.

Barrow Gurney Tanks